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As is traditional in his work, Pauser's new print is accompanied by a strong ambiguity: does the situation in the print mark the final destination for the Roman soldier, or just a well-deserved rest after the battle?

In this way, Pauser pays tribute to all those who fought in the war in Ukraine. The ambiguity of the work, accompanied by Pauser's typical visual approach, raises traditional questions of war and peace in a new way.


The war in Ukraine has been going on for over a year. When it began, a wave of solidarity swept the world. The words "donate to Ukraine" were everywhere. As always, the initial determination has waned.

But the war continues.

Pauser has therefore decided to release another limited edition of war-themed prints.

Helping Ukraine is not a fashionable thing to do, and it must be persisted in.

Proceeds from the sale, less production costs, will be sent to People in Need to support Ukraine 🇺🇦.


Available in two limited color editions, each of 10 pcs.

Signed and numbered by the artist.

Wrapped in silk paper and delivered in paper box.

Produced in Czech Republic. 

Sold unframed.

Dimensions: 80 x 80 cm