Artist and designer living in Czech Republic.

Pauser (*1983) is a street artist and designer based in the Czech Republic.

While there may be many luxurious things in the outside world, one might say that street art culture does not belong there. But that is not quite right. And Pauser proves it on a daily basis by creating unique objects and garments with a visual style that is close to graffiti and street art like nothing else.

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Pauser: Street art artist and designer

Luxurious street art? Not a question for Pauser's art and designs. 

While in the past his post-graffiti work was still fading with the rhythm of funk, disco and groovy athmosphere, now his paintings reflect the present, dominated by modern technology and augmented reality. Despite progress, it remains true to its distinctive style, full of colors, geometric shapes and hidden symbols.


    Early life and Studies

    Pauser was born in Olomouc as part of the Generation Y (*1983).

    He graduated from the Secondary School of Clothing in Prostějov with a degree in fashion design. He then pursued his studies at Tomáš Bat'a University in Zlín, where he majored in Multimedia and Design with a focus on clothing design at the Faculty of Multimedia Communications. Subsequently, he moved to the Fashion Design Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. Although he did not continue his career in fashion design, these studies provided him with a particular perspective on artistic practice and were instrumental in shaping his visual style. Working with medium of fabric and comparing two different approaches of this type work, meaning the craft and the design, Pauser found out that inventing was the most important to him. This we can see in further Pauser artworks - the invention of strict composition and combining ideas is typical for Pauser, as he was used to think logically while crafting clothes pieces.

    While still a student, Pauser began working as a graphic designer, primarily designing the visual elements of mobile apps, which provided a solid foundation for his subsequent work.

    Pauser as a Graffiti Writer

    When we should talk about Pauser's beginnings as a graffiti writer, we have to look back to his childhood. As he mentions himself, his first graffiti project was at the age of twelve. His task was to write on the wall of a go-kart centre in Olomouc, not mentioning his grandfather’s garage that was completely covered with Pauser’s spray paint. As previously mentioned, Pauser drew inspiration from music and the omnipresent MTV. He cites Michael Jackson's music videos, such as "The Way You Make Me Feel" with its street full of tags and "Bad," as influential to his early work.

    Being a graffiti writer was always important to Pauser. "It's about the community," he says. No matter where you are in the world, there are always people you can reach out to. This is the beauty of the traditional approach to graffiti, which is often replaced by superficial street art pieces these days. While street art may be a significant part of the visual landscape, it often has nothing to do with the community that lives there.

    “It's always been about community, about going to a bigger event, meeting a lot of people who are doing something similar to you.”


    Artistic Process

    As mentioned previously, music and symbols hold significant importance for Pauser. Music serves as a guide for Pauser's artistic process. His compositions are often created using a stream of thoughts, similar to how a song is made with the flow of notes.

    Although Pauser doesn't aim to convey a particular message through his art, his works often allow space for contemplation about significant societal issues. He views the symbols of antiquity as a warning about the collapse of a great society, combined with the fragile potential of today's technology.


    “I don't try to force-fit a strong message into all my works. I let it run free, if something is bothering me at the moment, I add it to the picture. Or vice versa, I like to make fun of certain things.”


    When asked about his definition of art, Pauser's response is simple: art is anything that someone considers to be art. When reflecting on art history, Pauser incorporates significant symbols into his own visual style to create a completely new universe. He draws inspiration from artists such as Tizian, Manet, and François Boucher and does not deny his traditional artistic side, while also incorporating elements of graffiti writing and street art into his work.

    Solo exhibitions
    • 2022
      Internet Renaissance/ Bookafe, Nový Jičín, Czechia
    • 2022
      Arcade / Galerie Ludvíka Kuby, Poděbrady, Czechia
    • 2021
      Lisboa Muro LX - Street Art Festival / Lisboa, Portugal
    • 2021 
      Postgraffiti / ...And the story begins, MUO, Olomouc, Czechia
    • 2021 
      The Game / Gallery of Josef Liesler, Kadaň, Czechia
    • 2019
      Spacejunk / Indiges Gallery Brno - Brno, Czechia
    • 2018
      Street Art Festival / Long story short hotel - Olomouc, Czechia
    • 2016
      Ms Stubnitz / Ms Stubnitz Boat, Hamburg - Hamburg, Germany
    • 2015
      PopUp Gallery Prague / Prague - Prague, Czechia
    Group exhibitions
    • 2019 arts AR extera project / Leicester Galleries - Leicester, United Kingdom
    • 2019
      Artisa Aruba / Artisa - St.Nicolas Aruba - St. Nicolas, Aruba
    • 2019
      YEEH - Urban Art / Museum of Contemporary Arts in Yerevan - Yerevan, Armenia
    • 2018
      Roy's People Art Fair / OXO Bargehouse - London, United Kingdom
    • 2017
      Phantom Gallery - Kobe Bryant Jersey Project / Phantom Gallery - Los Angeles, United States


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