How the story of an artwork reflects the reality

Pauser’s art and the War in Ukraine

Pauser supports Ukraine on long-term basis. At the beginning of the armed conflict and Russian invasion to Ukraine, the artist has released his print The Warrior, which earned notable amount of money. All the money were sent to People in Need Organization. The collection of prints was sold within hours.

More than a year later, Pauser’s new limited edition of yet another digital print collection, featuring twenty exclusive pieces in two color modes, was launched. Each print has been crafted using the digital printing technology and its theme is another tribute to ukranian soldiers. As is traditional in his work, Pauser's new print is accompanied by a strong ambiguity: does the situation in the print mark the final destination for the Roman soldier, or just a well-deserved rest after the battle? Paying tribute to everyone who fought, and died, during the Russian invasion is important.

While the theme of the Game over artwork reflects question of war and peace, the situation around its selling raises another, maybe even more important, question, or rather, insight, thought or a remark.


The war in Ukraine has been going on for over a year. When it began, a wave of solidarity swept the world. The words "donate to Ukraine" were everywhere. The determination of people across the world to help Ukraine was outstanding. But as always, the initial determination has waned. Even though the war continues, more and more people are deciding to ignore it.

And that is why we decided to tell the truth. The war is not something to be ignored.

As it was said earlier in this article, the collection of The Warrior print was sold within hours. It has been two weeks since the release of the Game over.jpg print. And the number of sold art pieces is four. And what is the difference? Only one year.

The difference between a determined help to ukranian people and something similar to total disinterest is only a year.

The aim of this article is not to be a remorse, nor a marketing strategy. The only aim is to show the reality of today’s world. And to add, this reality is not our way.



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