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How the story of an artwork reflects the reality

Pauser’s art and the War in Ukraine Pauser supports Ukraine on long-term basis. At the beginning of the armed conflict and Russian invasion to Ukraine, the artist has released his print The Warrior, which earned notable amount of money. All the money were sent to People in Need Organization. The collection of prints was sold within hours. More than a year later, Pauser’s new limited edition of yet another digital print collection, featuring twenty exclusive pieces in two color modes, was launched. Each print has been crafted using the digital printing technology and its theme is another tribute to ukranian soldiers. As is traditional in his work, Pauser's new print is accompanied by a strong ambiguity: does the situation in...

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BMW x Street Art Festival 2022

I've been honoured to paint a new model of BMW at Streetart Festival to celebrate the 50-year anniversary of BMW M series. We partnered together with Cartec Olomouc to make a custom spray painting of this beauty and the beast BMW X6m. After names like Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons I was able to paint #bmwartcar project as well.  I would like to show you how I usually work and get you to know a little bit more about the whole creative process.    1.Idea I spent a lot of time thinking how to handle the luxurious BMW so I wouldn’t desecrate the beauty of the car itself. I decided to use my fashion designer’s skills and work with the car as if it was a fabric...

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Muro LX Lisboa 2021 - Small World Mural

In May 2021 I was invited to Lisboa Muro LX streetart festival by Czech Embassy to celebrate 30 anniversary of Visegrad group with other great artists from Hungary 🇭🇺 Slovakia 🇸🇰 and Poland 🇵🇱. The main topic was sustainability so I’ve made this artwork as a gift to Lisboa! 💥An epic artwork called Small World, even full of opposites and symbols, carries a clear message. It represents our history, and our present. Although most work has become more efficient over the centuries, some traditional forms of livelihood remain. Such as pastoralism, here symbolized with sheeps, or fishing. Both of these industries you can find in Portugal as well as in small regions of Czechia, I perceive it as a bridge...

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Pauser - Arcade /GALK/

The exhibition named Arcade introduces a compilation of Pauser's work over the last tertiary period. In his work we find a lot of seemingly contradicting symbols, but them having thought out meaning. Influenced by symbolism, Pauser for the spectator dishes up a visual feast full of memories, fragments of digital technology and elements coming from classical works of art.

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