Note from Pauser: On my way to Switzerland

Ciao, tschüs, salut, … whatever. Let’s stick with my fav one, GM fam!

Pauser in Luzern

My point now is that I am heading to Switzerland for three months. I got this on-fire opportunity to spend this time on artistic residency in Lucern, all that with a support from my small hometown in Czech republic, Olomouc.

What will I do there, you ask me?

Well, there is plenty to discover, sure, to connect with people etc. But in a first place, I will be creating a lot. I am bringing almost 20m2 of lean canvas with me, can’t wait to see what will come out of it eventually. Also, I am looking forward to an exhibition ran by Urbaneez Art in Lousanne, to which I am bringing some of my stuff you lot already know.

Stay tuned and see what will be happening 🙌.


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